Is it safe to take 3mg of xanax

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It leads to a horrible addiction that is very difficult to overcome. Benzos just make my emotions feel totally dulled. There are no reported drug interactions between sumatriptan and Xanax. Is it okay to mix a small doses of Xanax with alcohol? Ive tried tapering down so many times but always fail to do so.

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Should I ask my psychiatrist to cut down on my dose of Xanax or maybe change to something else? Same happened to me when I exceeded 2mg. I'm probably not going to be much help but I'll throw in my two cents. Alf blacked out a few times. Is name brand xanax more effective than generic alprazolam? I believe that you will be OK, but if you do start to feel unusual symptoms it is best to ask someone to drive you to the hospital.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I tired two different ones and ended up having allergic reactions to both. I like a benzo with a long half life with sedationa and muscle relaxation. It's a white knuckle, scream fest. What should we call you?

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This report would have been more entertaining if you wrote it during the influence. Been sober about 19 months. I hate when I wake up to my friends asking those things. I have been prescribed xanax, well the generic, for almost a year now.

Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed. Heard it on NPR. Because it is a controlled substance so you have to be careful to not take more than the prescribed dosage.