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Assays reported in the literature for lamotrigine determination in biological fluids include high-performance liquid chromatography [ 4 — 17 ].

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The adjustment of solution to pH less than 4. Representative chromatograms of lamotrigine a and drug-matrix solution b. Drug quality is a source of great concern worldwide as pharmaceutical products plays an important role in improving the health and promoting the well being of every individual.

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A drug is a substance used in diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication used as a medicine which kills or inactivates germs that affects body function or origin. After preliminary tests, the choice was the use of 0.

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The pH value of aqueous phase was checked before mixing with methanol. Molecular structure of lamotrigine. The LOD detection limit and LOQ quantitation limit were evaluated using a sequence of dilutions with known concentrations. NH 2 twisting vibration occurs at cm -1 and corresponding Raman band is observed at cm Research Article Open Access. The mobile phase was composed of triethylamine 0. Considering this, in the present case, the bands atcm -1 in FTIR and cm -1 in FT Raman are assigned to C-H asymmetric stretching vibrations in lamotrigine.

This solvent was evaluated for the development of the analytical method, in which the drug was shown stable during the studied period and presents the advantage of eliminating organic solvents in the analysis. The precision experimental values obtained for UV method were for intraday ranging from 0.

LC and UV Methods for Lamotrigine Determination in Pharmaceutical Formulation

The maximum absorption region in different solvents and their intensities could be determined by UV spectrophotometer. At each level of lamotrigine concentration, three determinations were performed. View at Google Scholar C. The good resolution of lamotrigine peak and the other ones in both situations could be observed Figure 4.

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The linearity was evaluated by linear regression analysis, which was calculated by the least square regression method. In pharmaceutical analysis, UV spectrophotometer can be a quantitative method when there is no interference of the inactive ingredients of the pharmaceutical formulation. Lamotrigine solutions were submitted to forced degradation studies to induce the presence of degraded products.

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Compounds with more than one chlorine atom exhibit very strong bands due to the asymmetric and symmetric stretching modes. Samples were analyzed against freshly prepared solutions. LTG has a broad spectrum in antiepileptic activity [ 34 ]. The precision was determined in six replicates of lamotrigine samples The specificity determination is very important during the validation of nonchromatographic methods, since there is no step of separation before the determination [ 3031 ]. The molecule lamotrigine has 23 atoms and possess C 1 symmetry configuration.

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