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Home Community Getting pregnant try to concieve with pcos. His response was that the numbers wouldn't tell us anything and it was expensive.

Clomid and cramping

My CM is like egg-white consistancy on days 17 and 18 - so have been convinced I am ovulating around then. However I know some women ovulate as late as cd We have tried to get pregnant naturally for 15 months and no luck. Hi everyone, Have been ttc for almost 3 years, have pcos and finally been prescribed clomid after provera to bring on AF.

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What if I had cysts? I checked with ovulating sticks everyday and got positive test day 19 cd Hopefully all ends well. Common causes of fertility problems in women.

I had to do one round of provera to induce a period since I was only having one a year and therefore wasn't ovulating and I only needed to do two rounds of clomid. But yesterday afternoon I had what could be described as cramps in lower abdomen. In Reply to FunMoonMoon.

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Log in Sign up. Some days its just water like today. Thanks for your help girls. Also, the rude comments I'm willing to bet came from people who never had to face infertility,miscarriage and the very real chance if this dont work out there wont be a second time!!!

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I was wondering if I was pregnant. Here's how to prepare for parenthood, optimize your health beforehand, and how your age affec This thread is napping.

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Already with the fist dose of clomid, I had called him after I thought I might have ovulated and asked if I could a progesterone blood test.

It's one of the first things they explain to you when the pill is prescribed. Clomid and other FD.

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I have the same thing. I'm 4 weeks so I'm hoping this baby is healthy since had miscarriage in sept.