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Oh by the way Lilly also told you there was NO connection btw diabetes and Zyprexa and then go out and spend 1. This is pretty critical, because nobody feels good when they're fatigued, unfocused and anxious about performing well at their job! Today there are so many medications out there, it really is to the advantage of the patient. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2, but I now think that I have chronic Autonomic Nervous System hyperarousal which can be linked to Autism. MD then put me on Savella, which also began by making me crazy, then got rid of fibro pain, but gastro-intestinal problems are awful and have lost 10 lbs in 4 wks.

I have been taking 50, ml once a week of Vit D and find it helps some.

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I shuffled around like an year old no offense to you spry chicks! I have to say I'm not sure of my diagnosis?

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I've been on cymbalta for months now, and I find I am always tired, no matter how much sleep I have. Rated Cymbalta for Depression Report I took cymbalta for a year and only stopped taking as my insurance changed and I was unable to afford it.

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I m just curious if the cymbalta could be the culprit. Trying to get in with a neurologist and get all this worked out. I have had severe Fibromyalgia. If you take Cymbalta and have Laziness, find out what symptoms you could have in 1 year or longer. After on all these meds I started having this weird smelling discharge that smelled like a box of The cymbalta is helping with the anxiety but so didn't prozac.

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I definitely want to do some physical therapy because I can't figure out how to stretch to get my gluteus and back, which are starting to have some pain and stiffness. I'm a tea addict.

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By Hazzy Started Yesterday at Many people have found it helpful to take Cymbalta at night, as it can cause extreme fatigue.

I think the tiredness from Cymbalta may be an indication that you're one of the people it works for. I took one about noon today and will take an extra one about now almost 1am and then tomorrow evening.

I have noticed that i feel like I am drooling slightly from the corner of my mouth for at least months. Can coming off Cymbalta cause gout. It took about 5 hours for this effect to go away. My c reactive protein that should be At the age of ninteen I began taking Deseryl and had a seizure on it while driving my mother's car while she was in the passenger seat.

Been on cymbalta 5 years.

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I start sweating and my breathing becomes labored.