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YES, I am single, no children: Message 2 of 50 2, Views. I have always eaten well and do not indulge in junk food or takeaway.

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Back to WW soon I am so happy now I thought if I could advice any one stuggling to give this a try. Those who wish to sing, always find a song.

Just means we need to work harder at it! I wasn't eating more than usual, but it just stuck on me for whatever reason!! Supporting someone with breast cancer. Looking for 40 more at least Log in or register to post comments. It's frustrating and a bit insulting to have gone through all the treatmentlose bits and bobs and then gain weight.

None of these short term crazy diets or starvation or your body will hang on to it.

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Prior to my diagnosis, I self trained as a Triathlete, I was the fittest I have ever been, so toned and ideal weight. I too have a pot belly and as my mom pointed out. Message 5 of 50 2, Views. It was quite entertaining!

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I have to see the advantage of it! You've done marvellous losing so much weight. This is not starting off very positive is it?? And all the weight lost is usually water!

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Genes and breast cancer. Forgot username or password? I am doing my best to stay positive, even though there is something niggling at the back of my mind.


Since my diagnosis I've probably lost another 15lbs, and that was through radiation, which was really my only down time emotionally. In January this year I thought thats it I am going to get healthy and fit again I really have to work at it. Just carrying a bag of groceries home 15 min.

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