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Sue Honorary Spine-Health Moderator Please read my medical history at: It depends on the reason for your chronic pain condition.

I went through a small in-hospital clinic. Doc does not want to prescribe pain meds. I understand people have abused drugs but this is rediculas. Already have an account?

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My addiction cost me every thing, Job, And almost my life. DId these people have severe fibro? Go to a real doctor! My doctor is pretty elderly and everything.

I only found out after I got the mri report myself. Chronic pain isn't a joke. It works wonders for the legs!!! Luckily, only I, took the fall and got injured; both knees, right leg, right hamstring, right calf, ankles, right arm and of course, my spine. Of course, patients who may genuinely need these drugs will now all want to make sure that they say they are not drug addicts.

If it were easy then everybody would be doin it. The doctor then would say, double the dose.

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Because I would say "no" to the nurses when they asked BUT say "yes" in my head. I am in the same boat.

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So how did I not get any pain relief? You can email me at: My primary care doc did give me a few Vicodin which takes the edge off. So maybe a change will be good.

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Where are you located? I need a doctor in San Jose California that will prescribe me vicodin for my back pain I just this morning went to my doctor and I went because my back pain I have had for 3 years that I have opted not to ta Many of my responses agree with a prior respondent, Kurt W.

Tramadol will stop withdrawl symptoms if you highly addicted to oxycodonemorphineetc Tramadol is nowhere near as strong as schedule 3 opiates

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