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In Elements and Compounds. Tape-stripping experiments were performed to test directly whether Dex-Phos accumulated in the stratum corneum SC during iontophoretic delivery from a donor solution containing Dex-Phos 8. Alternatively, the choice of pharmacophore could be made in conjunction with the selection of the transgene and the route of delivery to achieve a particular therapeutic effect. Novel cGMP liposomal vectors mediate efficient gene transfer.

In 6is the general gas constant and is absolute temperature. Definitions include all areas of Each tape was weighed before and after stripping on a 0. In the same way, the spontaneous nature of dye-surfactant binding process is also evident, as can be observed from the negative value of the free energy of binding [ 38 — 10162830 — 32 ].

The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at J Control Release. This creates the necessary charge to drive the molecules into the target tissues.

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Criteria for iontophoresis electrodes. Other factors have been recently identified as being determinants of drug delivery including ratio of skin pore size to drug molecule size, polarity, and the importance of the electric field strength.

Cationic corticosteroid for nonviral gene delivery

Iontophoretic delivery of piroxicam across the skin in vitro. Engineered microcrystals for direct surface modification with layer-by-layer technique for optimized dissolution. RO has relatively more rigid structure because it has four fused rings; therefore it is difficult to adjust its molecules in micelle; thus its orientation is more likely in outer portion of micelle close to micelle water interface.

Therefore, DS may offer unique benefits to gene delivery in vivo because it both delivers DNA well and inhibits the inflammatory response that reduces the level and duration of transgene expression. Reactive dyes are most commonly used in dyeing of cellulose like cotton or flax. Anticephalgic Photoprotective Premedicated Mask.

Cationic steroids are pharmacologically active.

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Contributions of electromigration and electroosmosis to iontophoretic drug delivery. Atoms gain electrons to form negatively charged anions. We report a new approach to nonviral gene delivery that uses a novel, pharmacologically active cationic glucocorticoid. Scand J Med Sci Sports.


In case of polar additives, this balance is prevalent for hydrophilic forces, and thus additive molecules are oriented near the surface of micelle. Direct surface modification of dexamethasone microcrystals via the LbL process produced monodispersed suspensions with diffusion-controlled sustained drug release via the polyelectrolyte multilayer shell.

The value of standard free energy change of binding was calculated using the following relation: Steroid side effects and their impact on transplantation outcome.