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Have you used eyelid scrubs? My guess is that the Cpn infected blood vessels become "permanently" dilated with all the inflammation i that this infection produces and will remain dilated only until the Cpn and the resulting inflammation is wiped out, when they will return to normal and therefore disappear A double-blind trial of metronidazole versus oxytetracycline therapy for rosacea.

It works by targeting the very fine capillaries under the skin that create the redness in the overlying skin. I am taking Vitamin K as a supplement for over a year now due to Celiac so that should counteract the blood thinning of Doxy theoretically Oddly enough I got a lot of vein stuff when I was on doxy too only did for 2 months as I just couldn't even go outside for 5 mintues with a 50 sunblock without burning.

That is what worries me, that the Doxy i and other abx i "thin the blood" thereby, if a blood vessel gets injured e.

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Seborrheic dermatitis often presents like rosacea, but unlike rosacea, it affects the periocular areas and may include greasy scaling. Leave a Comment Cancel reply document. Pylori and took Biaxin and Flagyl i that my rosacea was also worse during treatment, but that was just a 10 day course Inflammatory, collagenolytic skin diseases that are involved with collagen destruction via the production and release of collagenase include acne vulgaris, rosacea, and other pathological collagen breakdown, such as arthritis.

I know that ocular rosacea can lead to vision loss. Am J Clin Dermatol.

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Went to see eye dr and told her that I was suspecting this was related to skin rosacea. What is the Best Moisturizer for Rosacea?

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I have been reading alot about blood-thinning and its affect on blood vessels re: Has anyone else had experience with this? Possible Lyme, Breastfeeding, and Doxy. These red lines are caused by broken capillaries which occur underneath the skin. Submitted by Mark on Sat, Donations and expenditures overseen by a committee of members.

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Under an Elsevier user license. I'd rather not try Minocycline as an alternative because I have heard too many nasty things about its potential side-effects. Those help quite a bit. The information anywhere on www.

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I really should get my platelets checked to see if my blood clotting is normal.