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Yes, my password is: I wouldn't count on it being on the second day though. Is there any military law or time frame to get remarry while in the service?

Only time will tell. Is hydrocodone generally tested for? I will tell you that And at the cost of having to go through unneaded withdrawls, I would go for the hair or blood test. I do know morphine shows a positive for just opiates. People would be 3 hours early to the 10 minutes prior. It is the same drug This is a common misconception.

I know that sounds rough, but you're admitting to a drug problem. You should most likely be OK. Dec 9, If I took a Percocet on Monday afternoon, and have been drinking plenty of water since Tuesday, will I pass my test on Friday morning?

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Just answer truthfully from here on out. I by no means intended to state that the procedures and practices followed in regards to the actual screening and testing either remain in effect today, at that specific facility or any other.

Go talk to legal assistance, your on base substance abuse program, and your chain of command in that order and ask them all these questions. ExistentialJ, fantastic post to clarify your original post.

That's the army though. ExestentialJ, you are right as well, on DF usually the worst case scenario is considered the best advice. A diuretic is suggested pretesting to increase urine output.

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I would strongly recommend NOT telling your recruiter. Start preparing your life now for when you get kicked out, and don't expect to get ANY benefits. More info from digging around the web, if your first test is positive you can apply for a retest but you have to wait 45 days and have your recruiting battalion commander approve the waiver.

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