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Euphoria gave signs of wearing off about an hour later. No, create an account now. Overdose on either type can be very serious and can cause death. Whosoever have their pets tried Ritalin sniffing he should notice a big difference compared to Concertaaccording to my neighbour's dog, feels the IR almost directly in the lungs, this viscosity shit ruins the experience, He wonders If is a possible way to get rid of or reduce itmaking more dry the shit, though works in a way.

Bluelight Opioid Conversion Chart. My 12 year old takes Adderall, which can be opened onto applesauce. How powdered is You able to get it? We take no government funds. I have perscriptions for both ritalin and concerta Havent snorted the ritalin yet, i dunno why. You currently have javascript disabled. But I'm not, so I'll put this segment in here as well. Please keep all your medications in a locked container. This didn't work for long because he could still taste the pill and didn't want it.

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I believe it was mentioned before that it was specifically designed not to be possible to open up with anything less than a mallet, and then you're left with a mess and it's gel-like so you can't snort etc. I have no idea if they provide this service to anyone who requests information, or if I was in the right place at the right time, but the worst they could say is "sorry we no longer do that.

I was working in the pediatric ER when my husband called to tell me what had happened.

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Sep 30, The way I had it explained to me, by someone who is very well respected on ADHD, is that the only way for a person with ADHD to get addicted to Ritalin, would be to grind it and snort it. It might be better to get meds in a liquid form. Worked like a charm and as adults they still talk about the fun it was. We serve over 4 million readers per month, and have costs like all popular websites: We also smoked a blunt and a half that day.

Bedtime came, and she was not interested in sleep. I just told my parents it was helping because I was scared of how worried they were of how I wasn't paying attention in school.

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Older kids get embarrassed and start to learn. I've tried concerta before when I was 15 18 nowand that was my only experience with it. Apr 16, 7. Take your razor blade and cut a slit all the way down the pill. Cut down the waxy coating of the pill with your razor, and again, try prying it off by putting the corner under the wax.

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I broke it in half and took it.