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Ovulated CD33 Cycle 3: Common causes of fertility problems in men. I got a positive ovulation test on day Are you on 50mg?

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This thread is napping. Password Forgot your password? God, it's all to hard! I test multiple times a day, so it's unlikely that I just happened to miss my surge.

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Keep me logged in. I wasted 4 months on clomid, didn't work once.

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Cycle 2 I took it in the morning at almost the exact same time every day, but I drank grapefruit juice from probably CDs to help my CM. TTC with an Irregular Cycle. How long should I wait. Originally Posted by nevernormal. So sorry to hear about your mc. My consultant suggested after my three failed Clomid rounds that I have Ovarian Drilling, which is where they quarterise parts of your ovaries by keyhole surgery, this is supposed to help stimulate your ovaries into working "properly".

Shop Til You Drop. They might suggest that you change the days that you are taking it, or they might up your dose over the phone.

Originally Posted by babymumma6 What did you do when you cancelled your 3rd round of clomid?

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So the possibility that I am now pregnant is close to zilch. Search this Thread Advanced Search. It does involve self injecting each day and more blood tests, but the needles are not a big deal, and that's coming from someone who used to have a massive needle phobia. Why are you nominating this member for a badge?

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I thought for sure that clomid was going to be wonders for me but it seems not. I'll be calling my doctor later this week regardless, because I have to go in for bloodwork, but I'm just curious if anyone else has heard of this. Anyway, my cycles were anything up to days apart, quite small compared to some PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome sufferers,but long enought for me!! Shop Til You Drop.

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Shall I wait till Monday to start the progesterone? We recommend you begin a new post. Has this happened to anyone?