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I have tried to get off of it before, and it has always been terrible, but I want to have a family eventually so I am really trying to stick it out this time. If you can, begin this process on a Friday so that you can see how your body is affected without worrying about how to get to work the next day. Sign In Sign Up.

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I was fine until about a week ago I got increased anxiety and my mind kept thinking weird thoughts and images. The first time I tried to ween of this meds I ended up in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack, I literally thought I was going to die! I just need some support right now… Thank you.

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More physical energy, still mentally exhausted. Is it ok to just stop or should I taper off? I had to force myself to do these things, because I was so shy, but on the other hand, I was pretty good at it, so my help was needed, so I had an altruistic reason to pursue these goals, too. This is something doctors just don't know about yet. Posted May 14, Please be sure and read the entire thread about tapering that I linked to in my response to your other post. So, I made a small chart for myself with lots of vertical lines and every night I would shave off the tiniest little bit of the pill.

I hope it doesn't catch up with you in a bad way. A very stressful job and life… Retired and relaxed now and unwittingly dropping from 20mg to 10mg in a gradual way was ok!

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James I have been on Paroxetine generic paxil for 3 yrs and experienced all the ugly side effects when stopping cold turkey. I have never had this reaction coming off of the two other antidepressants I have been prescribed for short periods over the past twenty years.

Check this to receive the MentalHealthDaily newsletter. Subsequently, the physician may continue decreasing the dose but at a more gradual rate My thinking behind it was to keep as even a level of seroquel in my blood as possible, by taking every 6hrs. Prozac ,the first on this class ,was a few votes short of being pulled from the market in the early 90's.

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I am one week in at 5 mg and have noticeable dizziness but am otherwise feeling okay. I have been on 10 mg once a day for 6 years. That was kinda cool, I got to sit at a desk in the house of representatives in the state capitol.

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I weened myself off when I was five months pregnant with no problems and my child is very healthy and happy at age six.