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Had a few remissions. Any chance of it being put back on the prescription market.

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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. For example, it is often prescribed after the use of an in-dwelling Foley catheterendoscopic cystoscopy procedures, or after urethral, prostate, or urinary bladder surgery which may result in irritation of the epithelial lining of the urinary tract.

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I wrote them down and took them to the emergency room at the hospital today. I just want to look at removal at this point. So I did some research and from what I can figure out it is just discontinued in Canada.

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My Mom's going to look into why it has been discontinued. It's phenazopyridine, butabarbital, and hyoscamine.

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Looking 4 substitute My Dr confirmed the phenazo-pyridium-hyoscamine-butabarbital is discontinued. Can you take that? I suppose a person could try Pyridium standard and ask for a hyocyamine scrip too. Reply Parent Thread Link. I'm guessing that it has to do with the fact that pyridium is hard on the kidneys and the stomach, but that's just a guess. View latest questions Search for answers Ask a question.

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Those are the pills that relieve my pain. I'll check with my Mom she's a pharmacist here in BC and see if she knows anything more. Yes I've taken azo, but by itself it doesn't help. If you read the forum here there was just a Phenazopyridine is rough on the kidneys. It's also related to some blood disorders. My daughter was just given a prescription for pyridium in the er 2 days ago. According to your profile, you're in BC, right?

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