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Vitamin B12 & Metformin

I have PCOS and am on metformin mg 3 times a day so 1 pill with each meal. So it's probably not so much that it depletes these, it does stuff that leads to their depletion, and this stuff can also mess around with energy metabolism pathways, which actually don't take a lot to mess up, and that's why fatigue is present in so many disease states and imbalances.

Just an FYI that vitamin D and iron deficiency are linked with celiac disease. Could I take 1mg in the morning and 1mg at night? Thank you for your information about B12 and Metformin. Comments that don't follow the guidelines above may be deleted without warning.

Let me know how things turn out.


Pernicious anemia, a severe form of long-term vitamin B12 deficiency is an autoimmune disease that affects the stomach. Its water soluable and any extra is eliminated by your kidneys through urination. I believe that a typical oral dose of B12 to correct deficiency is between and mcg daily for weeks.

This article stiring up the dust and making folks panic is waste of time. Perhaps the strict time frame has to do with insurance coverage? Conclusions Long term treatment with metformin increases the risk of vitamin B deficiency, which results in raised homocysteine concentrations. It got really bad to ehre sometimes I felt like I was going to fall. Is Vitamin B12 Good for Diabetics? I have an appointment with MD next month and will have the B12 level checked.

I hate the b12 inections but I have been told I will have to take them for the rest of my life, can I not be tested to see whether I still have the problem or will it be unsafe for me to stop taking the injections to find if I am in need of b12 injections.

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If they did do it, I was never told about the results. You need to keep on top of your levels until they return back to normal.

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The thing is I again quit taking the medications about 4 years ago but the memory loss and confusion is still there. So, why would taking metformin possibly put you at risk for a B12 deficiency? The researchers found that B12 deficiency was present in 5. She tested thyroid — it was ok. I met an experienced doctor and was diagnosed with Vitamin B12 deficiency. Got rid of Canola oil.

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