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Maxolon works by helping block a chemical in your brain which causes nausea and vomiting. Commonly prescribed medications for low milk supply include Metoclopramide brand names Reglan or Maxalonand Domperidone, also known as Motilium.

I originally visited the CHN for advice on how to stop the bottle feeds the midwives suggested in hospital. Avoid dummy use not applicable for NICU babies 4.

Forums home What do you think? Please tell your doctor or lactation consultant if you are taking any other medicines, as domperidone may interact with some antibiotic and antifungal medicines, and some heart medicines".

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I was told I would need to increase my supply to do this and to take the herbs and pump. Many over the counter preparations are available. If you have diabetes, use fenugreek only if you have good control of your blood glucose levels. GI stimulants Miscellaneous antiemetics. Mothers used a breast pump for 10 to 15 minutes every 2 hours and the volume of milk was measured and recorded at each pumping for 10 days.

Can taking metoclopramide during pregnancy cause other pregnancy complications?

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Please contact your midwife or doctor if any of the following occurs:. Bit strange considering she's also diagnosed me with PND. The patient was taking 10 to 40 mg 1 to 4 times weekly for about 4 months. Because fenugreek is natural, most women assume its fine to swallow a few capsules when milk supply feels a bit low. Overview Side Effects Dosage More. Iran J Obstet Gynecol Infertil; Permission MUST be sought to reproduce any posts within this forum.

Skip to main content. I was prescribed motillium because my baby would latch on propery that was the actual prescribing reason - she was 7 weeks premmie.

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Help us help women and their healthcare providers as they make treatment choices in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Berkovitch M, et al.

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Birth Defects Res Part A ; This information is not intended as a substitute for professional judgment.