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Learn from Experienced Professionals. Money I spent on help at home. Since publication of their article, the authors report no further potential conflict of interest. Will see how it goes but if no improvement after a month may ask for her to go back on half dose aricept. The person does not remember how to walk and physical therapy has had to stop therapy.

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N Engl J Med ; I respect my GP's decision to stop the aricept after 3 years the side affects were outweighing the drug aricept which only works for a very short term. My year-old mom has dementia and is narcissistic. The person has taken on the roll of being their mother now and we see the little child through the mother's eyes.

My brother was on Aricept for a year. Only you truly know your mother, keep her on Aricept the alternative could leave you devastated and your mothers quality of life being cut short. I was interested in one comment sorry, can't remember now who that said that if a person is taken off the drug then put back on, they don't know if they will "come back" to where they were before the drug was withdrawn. Skip to Content googletag. Mum showed a huge benefit with in days from ebixa, although this only lasted about 6mths, i still believe she is better off for taking it.

We realize the medications were to slow the progression of AD but I think, and feel that he would agree, that quality of life is better than quantity of life. N Engl J Med ; Whether you have dementia or know someone who does, we will be there for you.

When to Stop Aricept, Namenda & Excelon in Alzheimer's

I said during her last test she had a servere infection which I told the nurse at the time and was probably the reason her score was so low, and if they were to carry out the test again while infection free she would probably score higher. About a week later we went on a ten mile hike, not possible a week earlier. Expert Perspective Follow experts from across more than 30 medical specialties who share their viewpoints and guidance on medical developments as they unfold.

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To collect partial data and use it to define minimum clinically important differences is, if anything, statistical. A quick Google search threw up blogs from talking about this so it can hardly be news to the medical industry. Donepezil and Slow Heart rate issue? Adding another drug called Namenda does little to improve these results, even though the combination is common practice.

She was on them for years and it was by accident that I discovered that the medications were actually making her worse. Password Use at least 5 characters.

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