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However, the next morning at 9: My best advice is this: I was certain that it would never get better, but it did. A pox on the drs who throw these meds around like candy. Good luck, my colleague!

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I hope you all know how grateful I am for this site. I finally received my NEM and had to restrain myself to only take the recommended amount.

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I can tell you that good will come … patience. Gradual withdrawal of diazepam after long-term therapy. Some clinical reports do not support these assumptions.

The withdrawal has been ridiculously hard.

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When you say you could barely talk in the first month or so, can you elaborate on that? This is all so hard. My hope is that at some point my brain will heal and I will come back into my being. Am I making a false statement that I am jot under influence of prescription meds that could affect my judgment?

I did not mention how my eyes were affected no. Thanks you so much and I am sorry that docs write these scripts but never tell you the consequences. It is putting one drop of organic, cold pressed, hexane free castor oil in my eyes. June 9, at 5: George YU on YouTube. I started my 12 month taper with a dose of mgs.

I only took a half of a.

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Now its shoulder length and is actually quite pretty but I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. Perhaps the high that I experience is such a relief and a change from the horrors of the past years that I consider it healing.

Wheatgrass which also really seemed to help.

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Klonopin Withdrawal Libido increased - Sexual desire increased. It got to be so bad that one day last week, I realized I had no hope.