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By submitting this form I agree to the Terms of Service. Weather Severe weather warnings or watches in effect for: I will mention here that I did have a stent placed prior to taking Avandia in It goes on to state that the RECORD results confirm and extend the recognized concerns regarding heart failure and possibly suggest an increased risk for heart attacks. You are affected by this litigation if you took Avandia prior to November 14, and suffered from a stroke, myocardial infarction heart attackcongestive heart failure, or any other heart-related issue.

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Was this article helpful? Posted by Maryland on July 31, District Court for the District of Puerto Rico. Among the missing information was data regarding certain post-marketing studies.

Once you have been treated by your physician, contact our attorneys so we can determine your eligibility to file a lawsuit for Avandia complications. FAQS Who is affected by this litigation? Avandia Lawsuits The Wall Street Journal reported in June that a class-action shareholder lawsuit was filed against GlaxoSmithKline, arguing that the company failed to disclose the heart attack risk that may be associated with Avandia.

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No one would tell me what was wrong, until January Already known to cause fluid accumulation, Avandia is being discouraged from use amongst anyone with a history of congestive heart failure or chronic renal insufficiency. For those who have been taking Avandia for more than two years, the risk of bone fracture is nearly tripled.

The documents and other evidence obtained in these cases should help further the overall litigation. The new label indicated the link between Actos and congestive heart failure.

Trouble is, Actos came before the heart failure! Thousands of Avandia-related lawsuits have been filed against GlaxoSmithKline to date, but the Rottenstein Law Group does not know of any Avandia class action lawsuits. I am in my 60's and I want to make sure he has care if I were to go from heart conditions related to the Avandia. I was the one who alerted both my endocrinologist and cardiologist about the recent studies of Avandia and Actos.

Roughly three months later, in Februarythe judge announced that the court was satisfied with the progress of settlements and would now focus on resolving remaining cases through litigation. Non-subscribers may search for Mealey Publications stories and documents at www.

Avandia Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease

Serious Avandia complication symptoms to look out for include: Released inRECORD did not show an increased heart attack risk that has been seen in some other Avandia studies, and was used by Glaxo to tout its safety. Posted by Massachusetts on June 15, Congestive heart failure resulting in quadruple heart by-pass. Nine states opted out of the earlier action against GSK.

The plaintiffs say GlaxoSmithKline failed to warn people about potential cardiovascular problems related to Avandia. I reported this to my doctor. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.